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The Premier Spartanburg, South Carolina Private Detective & Private Investigator Firm

Carolina Investigations, Inc. is licensed in South Carolina and North Carolina; however, we provide numerous services nationwide. We have been providing professional, reliable investigative services and cost effective solutions to our clients since 1994.

At Carolina Investigations, Inc., we are always mindful of the objectives and goals of our clients, and never forget that we are their 'eyes and ears', making every effort to complete every investigation within the scope and authorization provided.

We offer a wide range of Private Investigations, whether you're suspicious about a loved one being unfaithful, worried that maybe your children aren't receiving the adequate care and supervision they need, maybe your spouse in not following the Court rulings, or your ex claims he/she isn't working and can not pay their child support payments? Time has come to get us involved and secure your interest in your family.


Surveillance is usually your best course of action when it comes to obtaining solid evidence. We work to get the documentation you need without going overboard on cost. We utilize the latest in surveillance equipment including covert cameras hidden from view of suspecting onlookers. The evidence uncovered in our investigations will not only satisfy your need to know but will also serve as being able to cast doubt as to your spouse’s integrity, in turn strengthening your case.

Suspicion of Spousal Infidelity?

Unfortunately spousal infidelity can quickly desolve a marriage, but it can be hard to prove spousal infidelity / adultery during divorce a hearing. Carolina Investigations can discreetly get the proof you need to help you save face in court or even to just give you closure. We also can provide child custody investigations to help ensure your children won't be put at risk of falling into the custody of an unfit parent or put into a potentially unsafe environment.

One of the cornerstones of our industry, spousal surveillance is what Carolina Investigations, Inc. does best.

Videotaped evidence of infidelity, cheating is the best way to learn the truth about your unfaithful spouse or unfaithful partner and to have proof that no one can deny.

Unfortunately, most South Carolina Private Investigators provide this service, but lack the skills, training and expertise needed to get the important film when it counts the most. That's where Carolina Investigations, Inc. comes in!

Our spousal surveillance clients know that unlike many other private investigators, we do not limit our cheating spouse surveillance to what can be seen from the window of a car. We understand that getting proof in the form of video evidence is the most important part of our job and we go the extra mile to get that evidence for you. (This understanding is particularly true in delicate matters like catching a cheating husband or cheating wife in the act.) Our professional private investigators capture a cheating spouse’s activities discreetly and accurately.

We provide you with a detailed investigative report of our findings and a video tape, CD or DVD of what your spouse actually did, where he or she went and who they were with.

Need Spartanburg Private Detectives?

Please visit our Private Investigation Services page for a list of services we offer. Visit our about us page for more details about Carolina Investigations, Inc. and our investigators. Email us at info@carolinainvestigations.com or call our local or toll free numbers.

Do you suspect your
spouse is cheating?

We have compiled the top 10 questions to ask yourself if you have suspicions.

Signs of Cheating

Catch a Traveling Cheater
Man cheating

Justice Scales

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